Monday, February 3, 2014

Alexey Avramchik. Interview

Алексей Аврамчик. Интервью. Alexey Avramchik. Interview. фотограф любитель фотография фотопленка цифровое фото Зенит Nikon Cannon Смена-8М Творчество увлечение индустриальная фотография история amateur photographer photography digital film industrial passion hobby creative works
(Русский здесь)

We have no term for  non format, we have new heading instead. It will feature amateur photographers interviews. Photo works are supposed to be not so numerous than in exhibition section, on the other hand text and senses implied could be in times more. So those who are not fond of reading could push fast-forward button if the corresponding 'interview' tag is noticed. 


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