Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning is a resource

Summer. Weekend. Time is before 7 am, well, can be up to 7.30.
Still no crowds, more precisely, it is barely beginning to emerge.
All major places are available. Even those fully blocked in other time so no way to get in and without the slightest wish to.

moscow red square москва красная площадь
Yes. This is exactly the place the average metropolitan visits rather seldom if at all…

Everybody for sure has beloved places in his (or her) city. But even still not yet these hours are the best to find some. And suddenly discover that certain walked back and forth square or side street is becoming very special for you. Though you should wake up a bit earlier to feel it deeply…

An hour and a half, and the streets are gradually being filled with people, decibels are growing, and the atmosphere is vanishing. It is time to have breakfast in a quiet but remarkable nook and back home – to sleep a little.

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