Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meeting Borovsk

Hardly would I come here if not a corporate event. – Many thanks! Occasion? – Not a bit: rule!

7.00 parking at the central square. At the very top. Authorities, shops, church. First of all go down. Still no fishermen and nobody at all. And nobody could wake the river. Feet are dew wet and it’s already warming. Cats are motionless except eyes. Footbridge. Note: guy is offering kittens – recorded. Backwards up. Facades with paintings (by the way my namesake) – definitely by heart. Tsiolkovskiy with his rocket – just in case. Glanced back  down to the river among greenery, footbridge, other side with roofs – good but composition is not getting on at all – never mind it – shot!

Weekday - people are already here. In an hour more of them are waking up and there are unbearably much. But I have almost finished. Have managed to discern the main features and symbols and even save some of them. Nice to meet you now, Borovsk. That’s what you really are. And the monastery should be visited obligatory…

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