Friday, September 9, 2011

Those... memory cards. Part 3.
Встречные и поперечные. Часть 3.

Continued.      Part 1.       Part 2.

Italy. Rome. Piazza Navona. Resting cyclist under a photo crossfire.
By B. Pekin.
Этот спортсмен сегодня крайне популярен. Борька Пекин заснял.

Italy. Rome. Piazza Navona. An old man reading a newspaper with an art sale in the background.
Приличный пенсионер пришел газетку почитать.

Italy. Rome. Fontana di Trevi. Coin hunters
Пишут, что порядка 3 000 евро за день набрасывают.

Italy. Rome. Piazza San Pietro. While pope is speaking.
А Папа все говорит...

Italy. Capri. Taxi.

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Mayank said...

Hello friend. greetings from India. Thank you for following my blog. I like your work too. Looks like you travel a lot. Look forward to sharing feedback on work.

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