Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gratitude (no photo)

Formely, now seems to be long ago, an image first appeared on a film and was referred to with a bad old name negative. As for me I have always preferred slide but it was not that convenient to look through diapositives (the other name for slide but what a positive word! :) ).

Obviously, that is why it had not won a majority. Millions of photographers all over the world have been freezing wonderful moments and transforming them first into millions of negatives (horror!:)) from which only the selected ones were fated to be reversed to original look.

Unpleasant term practically disappeared from our vocabulary with the new epoch coming. It just surrendered to the new beautiful technologies. And we should express our frank thanks to digital photography for this.

Undoubtedly the whole process from a shutter release to a final image had been simplified . And even beyond that there had been grown an army of fans, snapping up DSLR's and compacts and photographing literally everything starting from a lighting end to themselves.

I.e. the amount of happiness per capita had increasded INCOMPARABLY! However, the main reason is obviously that the art finally got rid of humiliating negative phase :) and became completely more positive :)

Like to believe and discover wise predetermination of our wonderful world order in this :)

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