Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the name of windows

As promised  I will try to disclose this 'absolutely separate theme' at least begin to...

Differencies in subject perception as it seems to form an infinite space of options.


Probably, as often as not these are eyes, through which someone considerable looks at the world around.

Sometime these are mirrors, reflecting an internal state, and may be some external images depending upon the lighting.

Human presence exactly in the aperture or in the background is quite a special case. Then it could be a portrait in a natural frame or even a shadow play.

Those minds subject to esoteric ideas are inclined to discern in them even portals to other realities, etc. In this context any atmosphere or light phenomenon, natural in composition and intensifying the effect, could supplement the image with a profit.

But a window with an architectural or non- decor could look rather interesting itself.

other photos in the set
To be obviously continued...

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