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испания севилья уличный фонарь sevilla spain street lamp
It has always been a strong desire to make a photo of something big and extremely architectural and only in one frame containing all its visual peculiarities. But haven’t succeeded yet. And vice versa few good details sometimes gave rather capacious image even more informative than a general view.

And the number of general views is really great. The internet is over uploaded with them. Even not so good search engine for the query ‘palazzo vecchio’ gives tons of selected but identical pictures. A sort of a highbrow Xerox isn’t it?

More details about spacehouseships see here.

So if your photo against the background of Pisa tower is not good enough you should not worry at all. It will be rather easy to find a decent copyright free one in the net. To photoshop your (beloved) self into the frame pretending to support (or to push further – at your choice) could be a bit more difficult but not everyone does need it.

Imagine that you’ve just taken the whole Medici Chapel (Capella Medicee) – I mean taken just a photo. :) Now look thoroughly at the frame. In the foreground you will surely see some brisk guys with almost original rolex, panerai and the rest armani…

Of course you can get up very early (see here). Again all these pics taken at a short focus position of your zoom will seem falling as the spoken tower if you don’t cure their scoliosis by some helpful software.
And more problems are in a subtotal.

Fragments and details after all seem to be more tempting. This is simple. Everyone went through radiography at least once and received then his/her entrails in white on black. And you have no chance to see them in a different way taking an endless number of ordinary photos even without clothes (ouch :-[).

I do enjoy thinking that close-ups are sort of X-rays yet better as they are harmless and they are in color. And they gradually discover details invisible from far away as you come closer. Remember? At first she learned that he smokes and then - what he smokes…

So “we couldn’t get much higher” (c) without details and they should be smoked by easy stages yet expressively.

To be continued...

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