Thursday, September 10, 2009

With expression.

Even familiar walls take bizare shapes sometimes. Not to mention those absolutely unfamiliar. The confluence of various circumstances creates a unique pattern of light and shadow. Time of year, time of a day, a head of a passerby (or whatever else from body parts), wheather, etc.

But the number one is the mood of a person who looks at all this happiness, and WHAT exactly is expected to be seen.

They say that people in a good mood see nice pictures only around them. Though their companions could have a different view (and the same for the mood obviously). One and the same facade gives various smiles to everyone, and perhaps shows some other body parts to some of us. :)

Think that opposite is true as well. When a person is surrounded by art masterpieces it's not difficult to distinguish the happy smile in the gothic pediment. Anyway it is easier to feel delighted and pacified in the centre of Florence than in the outskirts of Milan.

Yet everything could be achieved by exercise.... :)

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